Need a break from the routine? Experience the luxury of a Caribbean crewed sailing yacht charter. On this very different Caribbean cruise a sailing vacation becomes a complete escape.

The ultimate sailing vacation experience is aboard your own private crewed charter yacht. Imagine the perfect harmonic blend of gourmet food meticulously prepared to your exact standards, accommodations at a different tropical island location each night, your own private crew dedicated to meeting your every whim, adventure underwater and on land at every turn, secluded Caribbean beaches that only you can access from your charter yacht, all of this and you only have to unpack once.


Food, drinks, diesel, use of water toys like snorkel, water ski, tubes etc, sometimes even diving is included in this all inclusive sailing vacation package. The trip will be scheduled and planed to your needs with the input and the local knowledge of the licensed captain. You don't have to worry about anything, just have a good time.

Allow yourself to completely relax while your personal crew of Skipper and Hostess/Cook look after you and your guests on the ultimate cruising vacation on board a crewed luxury yacht.

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Contact us today and tell us more about your budget, size of the group and where and when you want to sail. We will send you a selection of charter yachts and design an extraordinary experience.


Mono hull sailing yachts:

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Sailing yachts with one hull - a "Sloop" has one mast and a "Ketch" or a "Schooner" have two masts. A mono hull sailing yacht gives you the purest experience of the "sailing adventure". Even if they look smaller then a catamaran, they are very safe and seaworthy. 40' mono hulls have successfully completed circumnavigations. Sizes vary from 39' - 65' and larger.


Multi hull sailing yachts:

"Catamarans" have two hulls and "Trimarans" have three hulls. Multi hulls sail upright and are therefore ideal for families, have a lot of decks space and larger cabins. The rates per person for Catamarans are normally higher then for mono hulls. Sizes vary from 39' - 50' and larger. Compare a 42' Catamaran with a 52' mono hull.