Experience the freedom of  bareboat yacht charters in the Caribbean - study the maps and discover the islands - be your own bare boat captain and crew.

Caribbean bareboat charters give you the opportunity to plan and execute the ultimate escape, exploring some of the world's most stunning sailing locations.

 Caribbean bareboat yacht charters

Set your own pace and enjoy the freedom of an entirely self-skippered charter. You are your own crew - you captain the yacht, cook the meals and take care of the cleaning. You should have some experience how to handle a yacht. A bareboat sailing charter is the right choice if you want to be totally independent and if you like to take responsibility. You can charter mono hull sailing yachts, catamarans or motor yachts and trawlers in different sizes.

Still need a little support? Sailing on flotilla is the best way to enjoy a bareboat sailing vacation in company, with freedom to do as you please, but with the knowledge help at hand with your lead boat crew nearby. It is the ultimate balance of independence and support, with a great social scene and a chance to make new friends for life.


Contact us today and tell us more about your budget, size of the group and where and when you want to sail.

When we search for the bareboat that fits exactly your needs and budget, we don't take the shortcut and just forward you a quote from one of the large charter companies.

We go the extra mile and take the time to research the smaller, locally owned and operated bareboat yacht charter companies, which will give you the extra personal attention.

We can offer bareboat charters out of St. Thomas and Tortola, St. Maarten or Grenada and more, to give you more flexibility in the choice of your flights and save money on the airfare.

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